National ROMA Peer to Peer Training

National ROMA Peer-to-Peer Training


ROMA structure diagramThe National ROMA Peer-to-Peer Training (NPtP) program prepares peers from the community action network to deliver an approved introductory course on ROMA philosophy and principles. NPtP students undertake a process for certification which is described below.

Four Phases of the Training Process
There are four phases to the certification process:

Phase One: ROMA e-Course

During Phase One, Candidates will complete the eight modules of the on-line E-Course to demonstrate understanding of the basic content of the Introduction to ROMA training curriculum. The 8 modules of the E-Course must be completed prior to the Classroom Session.

Phase Two: Three Day Train-the-Trainer Classroom Session

During Phase Two, Candidates will participate in a group Classroom Session to examine the issues and concerns that trainers must face as they prepare to deliver the Introduction to ROMA training curriculum. Candidates learn trainer tips and key points about the delivery of the curriculum material. Candidates demonstrate their ability to deliver two module segments. Preparation for these presentations occurs prior to the Classroom Session.

Phase Three: ROMA Practice Session(s)

After the Classroom Session, each Candidate will practice delivering the Introduction to ROMA training curriculum. These Practice Sessions help Candidates increase understanding of the ROMA content as well as their ability to present the curriculum and work with an audience. For the Practice Sessions, Candidates may co-train ?in the field? with a Mentor or another Candidate, based on the availability of NCRTs in the area. Candidates working together will evaluate delivery skills and content knowledge. Each Candidate is to practice all of the module segments at least once prior to reporting that they are ready for the final phase. Reports of the practice sessions are sent to the project Director. Practice Sessions are to be completed within 180 days after the Classroom Session.

Phase Four: ROMA Field Internship

Upon successful completion of the first three phases, Candidates will advise that they are ready to participate in a field Internship. The ROMA Internship is an opportunity for the Candidate to offer the Introduction to ROMA training curriculum in the Community Action Network with another Candidate as co-trainer. These internships are either observed in person by a Master Trainer or are videotaped and the taping is sent to be viewed by a Master Trainer. These sessions will be scored to determine if the Candidate has been able to present the basic content material in a standardized manner that meets the established criteria. Completion of a successful ROMA Internship will result in the Candidate becoming a Nationally Certified ROMA Trainer. Internships are to be completed within 9 months after the Classroom Session.

The four phases translate into a time commitment from Candidates of a minimum of 15 days prior to Certification:

  • 4 days* for the on-line e-Course (which is done individually at times suitable to the Candidate, prior to the Classroom Session ? a proposed schedule is provided for each session to help Candidates budget their time);
  • 5 days for Train-the-Trainer Classroom Session (including preparing to present two sample module segments, attendance at the 3 day session and travel);
  • 3-4 days for a minimum of two Practice Session(s), including preparation and travel; and
  • 2.5-3 days for the Internship, including preparation and travel.

* Note: the term ?day? refers to an 8 hour time frame ? most Candidates do not set aside full ?days? but rather several hour blocks.

Trainers completing the program have learned training skills and techniques and are provided with a rich ROMA curriculum, student manuals and resources. Successful candidates are certified to provide training in the basic principles of Results Oriented Management and Accountability theory and techniques.

The National Peer-to-Peer Training Program (NPtP) is seeking applicants who have previous experience as a trainer or teacher and are familiar with Results Oriented Management and Accountability (ROMA) principles and practices. Successful candidates will enroll in the NPtP Training Program to obtain classroom training and field experience enabling them to receive certification to present Introduction to Results Oriented Management and Accountability for Community Action Agencies and CSBG Eligible Entities. The Introduction to ROMA course covers topics such as developing mission statements and needs assessments, writing and implementing outcome measures as well as the use of outcome scales in Community Action Agencies.

Application Process

Interested applicants will submit an application by going to the website of the ROMA Training and Certification Project to the Application Tab. To complete the application you will need to provide various information so before you begin, please have the following available: names and contact information for those individuals who will provide support to you from your agency, your state CSBG office and your Community Action Association, your resume (you will be asked to upload this), your thoughts about becoming a ROMA Trainer (you will be asked to submit a statement).


Once the application is approved, the Candidate submits a $995 application fee.

Travel expenses to attend the classroom session are the responsibility of the Candidate (who may get support from state association or CSBG office).

(Note: The ROMA Training and Certification Project is no longer supported by a grant, but operates on a fee for service basis)

Commitment to ROMA Training

Candidates must agree to be available to train at least twice yearly in their home state. There may also be training opportunities outside your home state. After certification, ROMA trainers will coordinate training opportunities with their respective state Community Action Association and state CSBG office. Any compensation for training is a local issue to be discussed by the NCRT and the recipient of the training services.

Use of Training Material

Only certified trainers may use the Introduction to Results Oriented Management and Accountability for Community Action Agencies and CSBG Eligible Entities curriculum to train CAAs and their subcontractors in the Community Action Network. Use of the material outside the Community Action Network must be approved by the Association of Nationally Certified ROMA Trainers and the Center for Applied Management Practices who holds the copyright to the material.

For more information, please contact:

Barbara Mooney, Director

Association of Nationally Certified ROMA Trainers

Phone: (724) 852-2272 or (717) 756-3109 or