Affordable Care Act NOW!

Join us on Wednesday, February 12th at 12:00pm EST to learn from experts how the WAP and CSBG Networks can utilize the Affordable Care Act to access new funding, leverage federal dollars, diversify partnerships, and pilot new collaborations.

The ACA aims to prevent the causes of poor health and extend coverage to millions of Americans who previously lacked health insurance. For health departments, hospital systems, and others implementing the Affordable Care Act, the CSBG and WAP networks make an ideal partner. As a network, we can offer access to the households most in need and already provide programs that improve health and reduce poverty, with the promise of achieving cost savings for state Medicaid budgets.

Hear from Jenae Bjelland, Director of Healthy Homes, NASCSP, and Carrie Smith, Chief of In-Home Services, Foundation for Senior Living,  to get some practical instructions on how to capitalize on our Networks’ best assets!