2024 NASCSP Winter Training Conference

NASCSP 2023 Pre-Conference

NASCSP 2023 Winter Training Conference WAP Pre-Orientation Training Webinar March 28, 2023 | Recording | Slides


WAP: Civil Rights Compliance Overview

WAP: Navigating PAGE: Submissions, Budgets, and Reporting

CSBG: Nuts and Bolts of the CSBG Act


WAP: How to Develop Your Annual WAP Budget

WAP: Quality Assurance Monitoring Risk Assessment and Monitoring Analysis

WAP: Building Successful Weatherization Relationships

WAP: WAP Technical Management

CSBG: State Plan Workshop

CSBG: Performance Management Framework

CSBG: Community Action Boards in Action

NASCSP 2023 Core Conference


WAP: ASHRAE 62.2 Compliance and Solutions

WAP: Maximizing WAP by Improved Coordination and Leveraging with LIHEAP

WAP: WAP E&I IREC – NASCSP Cultivating a New Generation of Diverse WAP Workers

WAP: Cultivating a New Generation of Diverse WAP Workers (Non-member Session)

CSBG: Strategic Planning on the Yellow Brick Road

CSBG: Supporting Subgrantees Through Challenging Times

CSBG: Creating A Financial Empowerment Center


WAP: DOE Federal Perspectives I

WAP: DOE Fed Perspectives II – Q&A

CSBG: Advancing Equity Through CSBG Management and Leadership

CSBG: P.E.A.A.K Monitoring and Reporting


WAP: Audit-Related Quality Assurance Issues and Remedies

WAP: Workforce in Action!

CSBG: Annual Report: Beyond Submission

CSBG: Exploring Tribal Partnerships