This toolkit is designed to help experienced trainers prepare for and conduct NEAT/MHEA training sessions and help energy audit practitioners become power users of the NEAT/MHEA Weatherization Assistant software. It is divided into resources for trainers and resources for auditors to meet the specific needs of each role.

In the Resources for Trainers tab, you will find templates and tools to effectively and efficiently set up and deliver NEAT/MHEA training, from pre-training preparations to evaluation of training. Some instructional resources were designed and developed by the Weatherization Assistance Program and are provided here from the National Standardized Training Curricula. Other resources were designed and developed by experienced NEAT/MHEA instructors, with technical assistance by the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE).

The Resources for Auditors section provides tips, techniques, and frequently asked questions to help users effectively navigate through the NEAT/MHEA software. Examples of common mistakes and pitfalls are also provided.


Before Training

  • Instructional Outline


  • Auditor Tool and Equipment List
  • Energy Audit Training Roles and Responsibilities
  • House Types and Selection Criteria
  • Information for Students
  • Logistical Preparations
  • Preparing the Agenda
  • Room Set-Up Diagrams
  • Training Logistics Checklist


  • Conducting a Knowledge Pre-Assessment
  • Training Pre-Assessment
  • Training Pre-Assessment Answer Key

Suggested Readings

  • 30 Things We Know for Sure About Adult Learning (Zenke)
  • Adult Learning
  • How to Handle the Classroom Sharpshooter
  • Learning Styles, Elements, and Profiles
  • Learning Styles
  • Overcoming Computer Anxiety
  • Surviving—and Managing—Those Hostile Participants(Pickhardt)
  • Tips for Training with Computers
  • Ways to Encourage Your Trainees to Ask Questions
  • Your Personal Training Style

During Training


  • Sample Introduction
  • Warm-Up Activity

Presentations and Activities


  • NEAT/MHEA Frequently Asked Questions


  • Allowable Activities and Computerized Energy Audits
  • Refer to ASHRAE Standards and Guidelines for updates to ventilation volume:
    • ASHRAE 62.1 MVR Calculation Worksheet
    • ASHRAE 62.2 2013 Residential Ventilation Standard – Auditor/Inspector Checklist
  • Building Science Basics (Health House)
  • Course Agenda
  • Daily Safety Test-Out Summary Sheet
  • Do-it-Yourself Home Energy Audit(Green Home)
  • Energy Audit Data Collection Form
  • Identifying the Thermal Boundary
  • Mobile Home Assessment
  • NEAT Engineering Manual, Version 7 (ORNL)
  • Quick Guide BD-DEP700-CR
    One-Point 50 Pascal Depressurization Test
  • Space Heater Policy
  • Training Objectives
  • Window Leakiness Guidelines

Post Training

  • Template: Evaluation Report
  • Template: Training Feedback Form
  • The Kirkpatrick Model: Levels of Evaluation

Resources for Auditors

  • Home Inspection Checklist
  • Tips and Techniques
  • Common Mistakes and Pitfalls
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)