Davis Bacon Act

*NEW* DOE Davis Bacon Act Website: Davis Bacon Act as Applicable in BIL WAP

Weatherization Program Notice BIL-6: Applicability of Davis-Bacon Act Prevailing Wage Requirements to WAP BIL – REVISED (03/07/24)

Davis Bacon 101: An Overview of the Davis-Bacon Act

Davis Bacon Training #1

October 14, 2022 | Recording | Slides

NASCSP and the program staff from the U.S. Department of Labor conducted a training webinar on Davis Bacon compliance as it relates to Multifamily units in the BIL.

An overview of the Davis-Bacon Act is provided along with compliance requirements for the Grantee.

Presenters: Nicole Collins and Meghan Vesper, U.S. Department of Labor; Andrea Schroer, NASCSP

Audience: WAP Grantees