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NASCSP’s Response to the Administration

January 17, 2013

--Timothy R. Warfield, Executive Director, NASCSP-- Earlier this week, I outlined the Administration’s expectations for a 21st Century anti-poverty program and noted that they’re asking for substantial changes to the Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) as it stands. The good news is that we have an opportunity to shape just what these changes will be. If we effectively address the


The Administration, CSBG, and the Next Four Years

January 14, 2013

--Timothy R. Warfield, Executive Director, NASCSP-- As we approach the second inauguration of President Obama and head into a critically important year for the Community Services Block Grant (CSBG), I want to give you my perspective on the Administration’s concerns and the requests they’ve made of us. The Administration has clearly expressed that they want to fund initiatives that are


Poverty Politics: Take a Staffer to a CAA Day

November 7, 2012

--Gretchen Knowlton and Mark Schmeissing, NASCSP-- Following right on the heels of the election, NASCSP hits the streets for the Community Services Block Grant's (CSBG) reauthorization. Literally! Without pausing to catch our breath after an intense election season, we’re heading out on a fieldtrip to our local CAA – the United Planning Organization (UPO) in DC with a couple of friends from


Keeping an Eye on U.S. Environmental Sustainability: An Energy and Climate Policy Update

August 24, 2012

-- Edited by Jovita A. Tolbert, Development Director, National Alliance for Sustainable Communities -- Romney Releases Energy Plan. Romney says his newly released energy plan will help North America

Category : Policy Updates
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