BIL Multifamily

Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day, Neither are BIL Multifamily Programs | March 11, 2024
Multifamily WAP can feel challenging to get off the ground. Best practices and lessons learned from newly launched BIL-funded, multifamily-focused WAPs will be used to guide the session. Key elements will include working with DOE for Multifamily WAP approval, creating guidelines for collaboration between subgrantees, collaborating with local housing stakeholders, effectively leveraging categorical eligibility, updating state plans and weatherization manuals to support multifamily programs, and “braiding” WAP dollars with funds from other programs.

Compliance and Scaling: How to Operate and Grow a BIL Multifamily Program | March 11, 2024
This presentation provides an overview of the multifamily weatherization process from programmatic, technical, Grantee, and sub-grantee perspectives. This session will host a panel discussion that will explore the day-to-day activities of a Multifamily program and how they differ from single-family weatherization projects.