2021 Program Guidance Documents

WAP Memorandum 080 NASCSP Annual Conference (July 15, 2021)

WAP Memorandum 079 New WAP Awards (July 13, 2021)

2021 Program Assessment Tool (January 29, 2021)

WAP Memorandum 075 Reauthorization Update (January 8, 2021)

WAP Memorandum 074A, update to 074. Suite of Tools Update #2 (May 24, 2021)

WAP Memorandum 074 Suite of Tools Update (January 7, 2021)

WAP Memorandum 073 NCAP Funds for Conference Update (January 5, 2021)

WAP Memorandum 072 BPA Funds for Conference Update (January 4, 2021)

Weatherization Program Notice (WPN) 21-3: Federal Poverty Guidelines and Definition of Income

Effective: February 10, 2o21- This WPN provides revised instructions showing income eligibility limits at 200 percent of the federal poverty guidelines.

Weatherization Program Notice (WPN) 21-2: Program Year 2021 Grantee Allocations

Effective: January 21, 2021-  This WPN provides state by state allocations for the WAP Program Year 2021.

Weatherization Program Notice (WPN) 21-1: Program Year 2021 WAP Grant Application

Effective: December 4, 2020-  This WPN and its two attachments, the 2021 Application Instructions and the 2021 ALRD Document, provide programmatic information to Weatherization Managers to guide the development of an annual Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) Grantee Plan to ensure that funds are dispersed to weatherization providers in a timely manner.