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Wisconsin Energy Conservation Corp

HEP Offerings: Quality Control Inspector, Energy Auditor, Retrofit Installer, Crew Leader



As Wisconsin expands both the Weatherization Assistance Program and private market residential retrofit efforts, delivering consistent, high quality, real-time training in a myriad of locales is paramount. The goal for the development of the Mobile Weatherization Training Toolkit is to create resources that will help fill several gaps in existing training. Two videos will be produced that enable staff to get more comprehensive information about key issues sidewall insulation and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning testing—without having to visit multiple households to learn about different types of systems. The videos also allow for the ability to support broader clean energy workforce development efforts both in Wisconsin and throughout the Department of Energy (DOE) network across the nation. The mobile training truck will enable boot camps and other trainings to be conducted without having to tap local agencies to provide their already limited resources. By having a fully equipped mobile training resource, the Wisconsin Energy Conservation Corp. (WECC) will be able to deliver hands-on training wherever it is needed, without constraints.

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