FSL Southwest Building Science Training Center

HEP offerings: Energy Auditor, Retrofit Installer

Summary: Established in 2004, the SWBSTC, operated by FSL Home Improvement division, was created in partnership with the former Arizona Department of Commerce Energy Office (now the Arizona Governor’s Office of Energy Policy) to provide a highly specialized technical weatherization and energy efficiency continuing education training program to Arizona weatherization agency personnel. The SWBSTC promotes the following values to guide our planning, decision-making and professional conduct.

-Promoting best practices in energy efficiency and building science
-Utilizing current technology whenever doing so promotes course delivery, organization, efficiency and/or effectiveness
-Partnering with other organizations and community members to improve success
-Carefully managing all resources in order to get the greatest return from them for our students, contractors, and other stakeholders


Katie Martin
1201 E. Thomas Road
Phoenix, AZ 85014

Website: www.swbstc.org/