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This training contains six lessons as well as resource materials. The lessons are PowerPoint presentations while the support materials are in Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat PDF formats.

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  • Diagnosing Wall Moisture, Home Energy Magazine, January/February 2001
  • Minnesota Mold Busting, Home Energy Magazine, May/June 2002
  • Moisture Assessment Software Tools, Home Energy Magazine, January/February 2001
  • Mold, A Poltergeist, Home Energy Magazine, January/February 2001
  • New Handbook Breaks the Mold, Home Energy Magazine, March/April 2002
  • Watching the Humid Climates, Home Energy Magazine, September/October 2002

OSHA and Crew Safety ^

The goal of OSHA regulations is to maintain worker safety and prevent carelessness due to long periods accident-free. You can learn more from the OSHA Outreach Training Program.

Pollution Occurrence Insurance ^

The Weatherization Assistance Program recommends that all local agencies carry adequate liability insurance to cover their weatherization related activities. Pollution Occurrence Insurance (POI) for lead is now available. POI was originally drafted as blanket policy allowing numerous agencies to participate in a collective agreement. Today, various POI options are available as stand-alone policies from specialized insurance carriers.


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