NASCSP Racial Equity Workgroup

The Work Group consists of state administrators of the CSBG and WAP programs from multiple states and NASCSP staff. Each member of the working group serves for a term length of two years. The group is chartered to help design and facilitate resources for ensuring equitable practices within NASCSP and the CSBG and WAP networks.

The Working Group is/serves as:

  • A resource for understanding and resolving issues of racial equity and inclusion
  • Primarily focused on increasing equity at the state level and in the CSBG and WAP networks
  • A consultative body for equity projects, programs, and policies at the local, state, and federal levels
  • Helping identify and facilitate racial equity trainings (including identifying gaps in training that are needed)
Work Group Members Program State
Beverly Buchanan (Board President) CSBG AR
Matt Fitzgerald (Board Vice President) CSBG VA
Leslie Taylor CSBG CA
Angela Fraser CSBG MD
Karen Keith CSBG TX
Troy Cucchiara WAP NM
Stephanie Insinna-Sahondo WAP CO
Amanda Rains WAP PA
Lynette Praster CSBG & WAP WA
Jonathan Ballew NASCSP-WAP MT
Khari Grant NASCSP MD
Jenae Bjelland NASCSP DC
Katy Kujawski NASCSP-CSBG ID