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CSBG Services provides confidential assistance to state offices and can assist in analyzing problems and developing solutions in such areas as policy development, data collection and program implementation. View a list of common trainings NASCSP offers.

NASCSP also creates manuals, materials, and recordings for training, technical assistance, and guidance, as well as distributes materials on behalf of States, National and Federal partners.

To view a video, download any of the Training and Technical Assistance Guides or Manuals, click on one of the links below:


RPIC State T/TA Plan Template:

 For state offices and state associations, below are links to resources to complete the state T/TA Plan.

Webinar-State TTA Template Training (3-10-17): Slides | Recording
  OMB Cleared CSBG Annual Report 

 Complying with OMB Circulars(recording lnk)

 Making the Connections(recording link)

 State Monitoring

Performance Targeting

NASCSP Performance Targeting Field Manual

TOOLS and TEMPLATES: Submitted by States for Peer Exchange

Texas: Community Needs Assessment Guide for Agencies (PDF, 2015)

Texas: Community Action Plan Requirements (PDF, 2015)

Social Media 

A How-To for Using Social Media:

NASCSP Storytelling Manual

Storytelling Brochure

Social Media 201: Advocacy, Story-Telling and Important Reminders

Originally aired June 18, 2015.

Access the Recording here 

The Community Action Partnership (CAP), National Community Action Foundation (NCAF), the National Association for State Community Services Programs (NASCSP), and the Community Action Program Legal Services, Inc. (CAPLAW) discussed how Community Action can best utilize social media to share their stories and outcomes data with a wide audience, as well as how to legally promote the importance of CSBG, and CSBG Reauthorization to those outside the Network.