Public Information Tools

Weatherization has an important story to tell.  Weatherization Works! Every day, Weatherization helps low-income families conserve energy, save money, and improve their living conditions. Weatherization measures even save lives. For every $1 invested, weatherization returns $1.15 on average. When health and safety benefits are added in, the program returns $4.10 for every dollar invested. Weatherization is the nation’s “best kept secret” for residential energy conservation. Well, it’s time to let that secret out!

WAP’s Public Information Campaign (PIC) raises awareness of the Weatherization Program and its numerous benefits. NASCSP, NCAF, DOE, Simonson Management Services, state and local Weatherization offices, and other stakeholders continue to work together to develop PIC materials and resources.

This site contains a public information tool-kit, electronic files, and resource links that can be used by the Weatherization network to implement PIC activities at the state and local level.

The Weatherization Public Information Tool-Kit can be accessed here.