Weatherization Assistance Program FY’12 Funding Update

The House of Representatives voted down a bi-partisan amendment on July 12th proposed by Rep. Tonko (D-NY) and by Rep. Bass (R-NH) to increase Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) FY’12 funding to FY’11 levels of $141 million (the House Energy & Water Appropriations bill recommended only $33M for WAP for FY 2012).  The amendment was defeated by a vote of 149-273. The amendment also included increases to the State Energy Program (SEP) and the Buildings Technology Program (BTP) to bring them up to FY’11 levels. To see a list of how Representatives voted, visit the Thomas site at As matters currently stand for FY 2012, WAP will receive only $33 million in funding—$30 million for the States to be distributed by formula and $3 million for DOE T&TA. This is not, however, the final WAP allocation for FY’12 by any means. While the rejection of the Tonko-Bass amendment was a setback, the Senate has yet to act on the FY 2012 Energy and Water Appropriations bill, and NASCSP will continue to work with our allies and coalition partners to secure a better funding outcome in the Senate. In the interim, it is critical States continue to maintain a high level of quality production as well as reach out to their Representatives wherever possible. If you need assistance or guidance on how to reach out to Representatives, has a number of resources under “Public Information.” The NASCSP staff also stands ready to assist wherever possible. Arley Johnson Director, Government Relations (202) 624-5880