CSBG Dear Colleague Letter: Draft State and Federal Accountability Measures and Appendices

As part of a strengthened performance management and accountability framework for the Community Services Block Grant (CSBG), the Office of Community Services is releasing a new draft Information Memorandum (IM) on State and Federal accountability measures. The draft IM includes proposed measures intended to ensure that both State and Federal administrators of CSBG are accountable to high standards of performance management. It is OCS’ expectation that these State and Federal accountability measures will be implemented alongside the new organizational standards for Community Action Agencies. Although OCS has previously sought input on a set of draft State and Federal accountability measures, very significant changes were made based on input received by OCS. OCS is now issuing an IM in draft form, as it did with the IM on organizational standards for CSBG-eligible entities last March, in order to identify any significant implementation concerns prior to issuance of the final guidance. This document was published to the OCS website with a revised Model State Plan that incorporates the State accountability measures. OCS expects to issue a final IM in about 60 days after the completion of a public comment period on a revised CSBG Model State Plan. During this period, if you have any comments on this draft IM, or on the State and Federal measures specifically, please submit them by email to LaToya.Smith@acf.hhs.gov at the Office of Community Services. Thank you for your review and input. To access this Dear Colleague, click here.