2019 Funding Bill Heads to President's Desk

The House has just passed the minibus package containing the Labor-HHS and Defense appropriations bills by a vote of 361 to 61. The package also includes a continuing resolution, which avoids a partial government shutdown by extending current levels of funding until December 7, 2018 for parts of government not included in the minibus bills. The Senate cleared the minibus last week. House Speaker Paul Ryan also announced earlier today that President Trump has pledged to sign the bill, contradicting earlier threats by the President to veto the measure over border wall funding. Another minibus package containing the Energy and Water appropriations bill, which funds WAP, was passed by both the House and Senate earlier this month. The measure was signed by the President last week. The final numbers for our programs in FY 2019 are as follows:     Barring a last minute reversal from the President, this marks the first time in nearly 10 years that both WAP and CSBG have received on-time budgets from Congress by the start of the fiscal year. NASCSP will keep you updated. Best, NASCSP