American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) Promising Practice Work Group (PPWG) Linkages January 31, 2023 | Recording | Slides | Handout

The American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) provides data and information helpful in identifying areas for operational improvement. Linkages are a “driver of satisfaction” on the ACSI, and this practice was identified as an area of improvement for many states. A small group of CSBG administrators who performed well in this area spent roughly six months conducting research to identify promising practices regarding Linkages. This presentation was originally shared with the Network at the NASCSP 2022 Annual Conference and highlights the promising practices identified and how States can easily implement them at their State offices.

Presenters: Kate Blunt (NASCSP Consultant), Beverly Buchanan (AR), Jaimi Clifford (ME), Matt Fitzgerald (VA), Megan Meadows (OH), Karen Quackenbush (UT), Jennifer Underwood (NJ)
Audience: CSBG State Administrators