WAP 2022 New Manager’s Orientation (Now available on-demand) – $375

WAP New Manager Orientation

The 2022 WAP New Manager’s Orientation is a series of virtual training specifically designed for all new State staff responsible in any capacity for the administration of WAP with up to five years of experience. This training provides foundational knowledge and equips staff for successful State leadership. Orientation topics include:

  • A review of the federal statutes, regulations, and program notices; including 2 CFR 200 federal procurement rules, cost principles, and audit requirements for federal awards.
  • The role of the WAP manager in ensuring the management and field integrity of the WAP program with an emphasis on the SWS.
  • In-depth review of requirements, critical components, and best practices on state plan development.
  • Training and technical assistance planning including the preparation of a network-wide needs assessment
  • Energy audits for new program managers
  • LIHEAP coordination and eligibility considerations.
  • How to ensure compliance with quality assurance monitoring for grantees and sub-grantees.