Managing Director, Weatherization Unit – Washington Department of Commerce

Posted 5 months ago

This position assists the Assistant Director of Energy in planning, organizing, directing and coordinating the Weatherization Unit’s programs and is fully empowered to act on behalf of the Assistant Director.


  1. Leadership and collaboration: Represent Commerce on program-related state, regional, and national associations and advisory groups; promotes and maintain strong, creative, and strategic partnerships with entities under program contract, non-profit organizations, federal funding agencies, other state agencies, consumer advocates, and industry representatives.
  2. Lead and organize: Provide clear direction while allowing employees to organize their own time and work. Orchestrate individual and teams collaboration by helping connect people, ideas, and work to leverage our collective talents. Organize unit structure to maximize available resources; support effective interpersonal communication and cooperation; establish goals and strategic direction; set priorities and timelines; delegate responsibilities for unit staff to achieve desired outcomes, as well as track and oversee tasks performed by staff being supervised by other unit supervisors. Engage in active succession planning to ensure program continuity during periods of change and development.
  3. Plan, align, deploy, develop workforce: Provide vision and help connect strategy, tactics, and tasks to our people and their work. Help groups and individuals understand how their contributions align with our strategic direction. Assess work to be performed; establish the number of employees required; determine body of work needed to meet program responsibilities with available resources; conduct and direct hiring; identify and support training and mentoring needs and opportunities, as well as provide regular feedback, coaching, and guidance; set goals and expectations; evaluate job performance; correct performance.
  4. Performance accountability: Calculate risk, evaluate benefits and tradeoffs; align decisions to strategy. Balance inspiring employees and driving employees for results. Help team members and peers achieve our goals. Direct development and application of consistent monitoring and inspection protocol; set up systems to ensure contractors receive required monitoring and inspections; ensure timely preparation of monitoring and inspection reports; establish system to collect and analyze contractor performance data; prepare reports on program achievements, both internal and external, including Results Commerce; conduct regular program evaluations to show cost, benefits, and improvement strategies
  5. Fiscal accountability: Plan and control unit’s budget to ensure efficient and accountable use of unit resources, to keep in alignment with state budget authority and allotment expectations; set up systems for contractor authority, invoicing, reasonableness, approval, and processing
  6. Program administration: Direct development of clear program contract terms, polices, and procedures; ensure that policies and procedures are effectively aligned with statutes and rules, the agency’s strategic plan and performance expectations, and the authorizing authority
  7. Communication: Expand influence by supporting convening and storytelling. Articulately and professionally speak and present before external stakeholders, including the legislature and congress, other state agencies, federal agencies, national associations, agency boards and advisory groups, contractors and partners; review and write correspondence and reports.

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