HCD Financial Associate II – The Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD)

Posted 1 month ago

Position Duties:
The main purpose of this position: is to provide general support of an administrative and financial nature to employees in CDA Finance and the Division of Development Finance, thereby supporting the goals of CDA and the mission of DHCD as described in MFR documents.

This position provides: assistance to the Single Family Sub-Servicing team, Multifamily Servicing team and Servicing Supervisor with examining, analyzing, and interpreting financial data in CDA’s multi-billion mortgage loan portfolios finance with revenue bond proceeds. This position performs reconciliations of single-family bond series, and interprets, analyzes, and translates multifamily loan closing documents to setup new multifamily loan accounts. The incumbent will also assist the Multifamily Accountants in mortgage servicing by performing manual billings, reviewing and monitoring disbursements for real estate taxes, insurance premiums and escrow reserves within the multifamily bond portfolio.

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