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Annual Funding Report & Staffing Data

2021 Grantee Staffing Graphic
The annual WAP Funding Report provides comprehensive information on leveraged funding sources that expand the reach and impact of the federal WAP. It catalogs the amount and sources of funding, production and staffing of the Grantees of the WAP, as well as non-federal funds received by WAP Subgrantees directly for Weatherization-related investments. NASCSP distributes this survey annually and the data is self-reported by Grantees of the WAP.


2020 Weatherization Funding Survey Results
The NASCSP Weatherization Assistance Program Annual Funding Survey reaches all 50 states and the District of Columbia to track funds in the weatherization network, the source of those funds, funding trends, resulting production, and the funding future over each Program Year. This interactive dashboard can be used to explore the data submitted by the grantees.


2020 Weatherization Funding Survey Results: Subgrantees
This interactive map highlights subgrantee data submitted by grantees in NASCSP’s 2020 Weatherization Funding Survey. Note that this data represents estimates of the subgrantee workforce and some estimates are based on 2019 data. You can also check out the 2020 staffing graphics here!