Describe the Solution and Solution Implementation

Step 4: Describe the Solution and Solution Implementation

Successes should turn the general goals from steps 1 and 3 into specific achievements.

Example: Unframed

After completing strategic planning, ABC Organization applied for a grant to get the project started. Financing and construction soon began on the state-of-the-art training center, which includes many props and tools to simulate weatherization and health and safety issues in the field. Development partners included the State Department of Energy, the XYZ Foundation, the U.S. Department of Energy, the State Community Action Association, and ABC Organization.

How can it be re-framed?

    • This tells what happened in general, but not how it happened. Who undertook what actions? What roles did the active partners play? What concrete steps did the partners take to get a successful result?
    • There are no action words and no images to clarify how such a process works. Focus on the actions and leadership qualities of your organization and partners.
    • The narrative lacks detail on why this is a special project. Why is this important? What is different?


A $1 million stimulus grant enabled Executive Director Joe Smith to begin designing this weatherization
training program in the fall of 2009 with the input of local community leaders and trainers.
This course is different from most weatherization training courses due to the scale of hands-on worker training. In addition to traditional classroom learning, the Initiative built a series of props or “mock ups” which include a simulated attic, basement, front door, and windows – essentially every part of a house that the students will need to weatherize.
“Everything here you would find in a house,” said Joe Smith. “This is unlike anything that is out there.”