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Intersectionality Matters: Intersectionality Matters! is a podcast hosted by Kimberlé Crenshaw, an American civil rights advocate and a leading scholar of critical race theory.

Diversity Gap: The Diversity Gap is for everyday people who want to pair their good intentions for diversity with true cultural change. Through thoughtful conversation and authentic storytelling, Host Bethaney Wilkinson will inspire and equip you to create the kind of culture you say you want: one where all people are seen, heard, respected, and given what they need to thrive.

Code Switch: What’s CODE SWITCH? It’s the fearless conversations about race that you’ve been waiting for. Hosted by journalists of color, our podcast tackles the subject of race with empathy and humor. We explore how race affects every part of society — from politics and pop culture to history, food and everything in between. This podcast makes all of us part of the conversation — because we’re all part of the story

About Race: From the author behind the bestselling Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race ( comes a podcast that takes the conversation a step further. Featuring key voices from the last few decades of anti-racist activism, About Race with Reni Eddo-Lodge looks at the recent history that lead to the politics of today.

Reflections on Race: A Multimedia Resource Guide – The University of Chicago, Diversity and Inclusion: “We asked UChicago students, faculty, and staff what they are reading and what they recommend to help individuals understand and address current events and history. While not exhaustive, this list can serve as a starting point.”

Center for Racial Justice Reading List: “In the spirit of furthering our racial justice analysis and working towards collective liberation, below are a few books Center for Racial Justice in Education recommends”

Resource Lists – Racial Equity Tools: “This section provides general lists and bibliographies from different organizations, including curated references for educators, faith-based groups, and specific issues (e.g. Ferguson uprising, somatics), as well as syllabi and curricula, plus other multimedia content (e.g. videos). In addition, there are resources for anyone who wants to delve into racial equity concepts, including free materials, plus books and other content which are available at a cost. We encourage people to follow copyright laws and restrictions indicated by the authors and to cite sources accordingly.”

Tools & Resources – Government Alliance on Race and Equity: A collection of tools and resources designed to help governments move racial justice forward.