NASCSP 2020 Annual Conference – Virtual
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Monday, March 08, 2021 - NASCSP 2021 Winter Training Conference Preliminary Agenda (Subject to Change)

The NASCSP 2021 Winter Training Conference opens with a virtual welcome from the NASCSP Board President, Executive Director, and federal partners from the U.S, Departments of Energy and Health and Human Services. Then, join us for a presentation of the 2021 NASCSP Service Awards, recognizing extraordinary contributions made to NASCSP and the programs that NASCSP represents.

Presenters: Jenae Bjelland (Executive Director) - NASCSP; Beverly Buchanan (NASCSP Board President and CSBG Program Manager) - Arkansas Department of Human Services; JooYeun Chang, JD (Acting Assistant Secretary and Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary, Administration for Children and Families) - U.S. Department of Health and Human Services; Kelly Speaks-Backman (Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy and Acting Assistant Secretary) - U.S. Department of Energy

With COVID surging across the nation, many states were placed under strict travel restrictions. Grantees are required to perform technical monitoring on at least 5% of completed DOE units. As a result, many Grantees are having to consider alternatives to in-person monitoring. State managers in New Mexico and Georgia will talk through their new remote/virtual monitoring process and discuss any challenges to implementation as well as possible long-term benefits from the new process.

Presenters: Troy Cucchiarra (Program Manager) - New Mexico Mortgage Finance Authority; Phil Hull (Training Director) - HPC; Tim Petrides (Program Manager) - Georgia Environmental Finance Authority

State Offices play a critical role in the success of their networks. This session will discuss the tools and techniques States can use to not only manage performance and compliance, but also support entities to maximize performance and impact on families and communities of low income.

Presenters: Beverly Buchanan (CSBG Grants Manager and NASCSP Board President) - Arkansas Department of Human Services; Matt Fitzgerald (Community Service Program Manager and NASCSP Board Vice-President) - Virginia Department of Social Services


Tuesday, March 09, 2021 - NASCSP 2021 Winter Training Conference Preliminary Agenda (Subject to Change)

Join us for an update from our WAP and CSBG National Partners.

Presenters: David Bradley (CEO) - National Community Action Foundation; Denise Harlow (CEO) - Community Action Partnership; Allison Ma'luf (Executive Director) - CAPLAW; Katrina Metzler (Executive Director) National Energy and Utility Affordability Coalition

Strengthen your State Weatherization program by building in flexibility through the effective braiding of federal funds. In this session, you will learn strategies for annual state plan development that can better align program eligibility, maximize health and safety benefits, increase ACPU and the ability to address deferrals through pre-weatherization measures. The learning outcome will lead to enhanced benefits and services for the low-income clients in your state.

Presenters: Erica Burrin (WAP Program Manager) - U.S. Department of Energy; Lauren Christopher (Director, Division of Energy Assistance) - Office of Community Services; Akm Rahman (Operations Branch Chief, Division Energy Assistance) - Office of Community Services

A comprehensive community needs assessment empowers local agencies to plan to address the unique causes and conditions of poverty in their communities. This session will explore how state agencies can create needs assessment guidance for their agencies that meet CSBG requirements and support a complete and thorough assessment to serve as a foundation for program planning.

Presenters: Tamara Fahey (CSBG Program Coordinator) - Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development; Courtney Kohler (Senior Associate) - Community Action Partnership; Katy Kujawski (Research Director) - NASCSP

Finding qualified workers is an on-going challenge in the WAP. Washington WAP commissioned a study on workforce development that identified gaps and opportunities. Washington will share results from a series of collaborative meetings with statewide players to address the workforce challenges along the implementation pathway. This session will discuss near term solutions and long-term strategic suggestions.

Presenters: Alan Hardcastle (Senior Research Manager) - Washington State University Energy Program; Jessicarae Nunez (Commerce Specialist) - Washington State Department of Commerce; Amanda Rains (Data and Programs Manager) - Washington State Department of Commerce

The Community Action Plan outlines how agencies utilize their CSBG allocation to address the causes and conditions of poverty identified in their community needs assessments. Join this session to learn about the requirements of community action plans, peer practices, and how to make plans impactful and useful for local community action agencies.

Presenters: Shawna Peña (Rural and Frontier Health Unit Manager) - Wyoming Department of Health; Anna Sainsbury (CSBG Contract Manager) - Wisconsin Department of Children and Families; Maribeth Schneber-Rhemrev (CSBG State Assistance Director) - NASCSP

Wednesday, March 10, 2021 - NASCSP 2021 Winter Training Conference Preliminary Agenda (Subject to Change)

Join us for brief messages from our federal partners at the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S Departmet of Health and Human Services.

Presenters: AnnaMaria Garcia (Director, Weatherization and Intergovernmental Programs Office) - U.S. Department of Energy; J. Janelle George (Acting Deputy Director, Office of Community Services) - U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

The DOE Weatherization Assistance Program managers will provide an overview of regulatory updates and corresponding timelines, an outline of the new Competitive Innovation grants process and updates regarding the online Weatherization Assistant.

Presenters: Erica Burrin (WAP Program Manager), Feliz Vazquez-Guemarez (Energy Technology Project Officer) - U.S. Department of Energy

Join the Office of Community Services and the Office of Grants Management for a joint session on grants management.

Informed from NASCSP's member Planning and Action meeting, DOE will respond to programmatic, fiscal, and technical questions generated by members on important topics.

Presenters: TBA

State Offices are required to monitor their CSBG eligible entities as part of their program administration duties. This session will review monitoring processes and peer approaches, red flags to watch for in monitoring, as well as common deficiencies found in monitoring and how to remedy them.

Presenters: Leann Marx (CSBG and ROMA Coordinator) - Oregon Housing and Community Services; Sarah Phillips (Director) - Vermont Office of Economic Opportunity

Thursday, March 11, 2021 - NASCSP 2021 Winter Training Conference Preliminary Agenda (Subject to Change)

The sudden influx of pandemic-related funding, coupled with the issuance of recent Uniform Guidance revisions, prompted many in the Community Action network to re-examine their methods of recovering costs under federal grants. One area of particular interest is the recovery of administrative, shared, and indirect costs. In this session, we will provide an overview of the different cost recovery options, provide a framework for exploring the benefits and challenges of each approach, and provide practical insight intended to help State CSBG and WAP administrators deepen their understanding of cost recovery options available to the organizations they support.

Presenters: Caroline Kelley (Staff Attorney) - CAPLAW; Allison Ma'luf (Executive Director and General Counsel) - CAPLAW; Kay Sohl (Propietor) - Sohl Consulting

Join the Office of Community Services (OCS) for the CSBG Virtual Town Hall. Charisse Johnson, the DCA Director, will provide general updates about the Division of Community Assistance (DCA) and CSBG. Participants will rotate into two breakout rooms: the Programmatic Breakout Room – facilitated by Maxine Maloney and the DCA Program Specialists – focuses on partnerships and collaborations and the Financial Breakout Room – facilitated by David Barrie and the finance team – focuses on financial updates and information regarding financial oversight and monitoring activities in 2021. Time will be set aside in both breakouts for questions. OCS looks forward to providing you the most up-to-date information to support you in achieving great results for the individuals, families and communities you serve.

Presenters: David Barrie (Financial Operations and Accountability Branch Chief), Charisse Johnson (Director, Division of Community Assistance), Maxine Maloney (Program Operations Branch Chief) - Office of Community Services, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

The 2020 U.S. Energy and Employment report shows a steady increase in energy efficiency jobs since 2015. How will the WAP need to position itself to meet this growing demand for workers in the energy efficiency field? Representatives from NASEO, IREC and ACEEE will present on current workforce efforts, initiatvies, regulations. and strategies aimed at developing a more equitable and inclusive workforce to fuel clean energy job growth.

Presenters: TBA

The use of data and metrics in State program WAP management is a great way to demonstrate subgrantee success and identify agencies that might need additional support.  The presenters will discuss areas of focus that they use in State program management including post-evaluation studies.    

Friday, March 12, 2021 - NASCSP 2021 Winter Training Conference Preliminary Agenda (Subject to Change)

Join us for the Energy Out West Tech Talk. We will host conversations around various technical components of the WAP including remote monitoring, software, Multi-Family blower door testing challenges, heat pumps in cold climates, and the use of badges in training and evaluation to the JTAs.

Presenters: TBA

Join this peer-led session to learn about practices to support yourself, your staff, and your agencies through times of crisis. Peer states will discuss strategies they've employed throughout the COVID-19 pandemic to address and prevent burnout, stay connected, and find inspiration.

Presenters: Karen Dunn (CSBG Program Manager) - Washington State Department of Commerce; Manuel Rosa (Director, Division of Community Services) - New York State Department of State