Louisiana Housing Corporation Weatherization Training Center

Summary:  Louisiana Housing Corporation’s mission is to ensure that every Louisiana resident is granted an opportunity to obtain safe, affordable, and energy-efficient housing.  Part of that mission is educating local homeowners and industry professionals about weatherization and techniques to improve housing quality.  We currently offer BPI Building Science Principles, Building Analyst, Infiltration and Duct Leakage, and an IREC Accredited HEP Energy Auditor course through Everblue.  We are also developing short courses for insulation installation, ASHRAE installation, and other skill trainings based on requests from our local agencies or interested trainees.

Address: 11637 Industriplex Blvd., Baton Rouge LA 70809

Contact Phone Number:  (225) 754-1474 (Pam Lewandowski)

Email: plewandowski@lhc.la.gov

Website: https://www.lhc.la.gov/weatherization-training-center