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Guest Blog: Weatherization at work in Colorado - Client Testimonial

October 22, 2015

[caption id="attachment_2683" align="alignright" width="170"] “When I first asked for help from the Low Income Energy Assistance Program, my public service bill was way outrageous. It was more than $300 per month. After weatherization, it went down to about $60. It’s a huge relief. " - Tina Thalley[/caption] Living with a disability is not easy – it’s hard on household maintenance and on

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The Positive Effects of Weatherization and Improved Indoor Air Quality on Asthma

October 20, 2015

Written by Quinton Young, Program Assistant The U.S. Department of Energy released the results of the National Evaluation of the Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) on September 15 during the NASCSP Annual Training Conference in Sacramento, California. Carried out by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), the results from these studies provides the WAP program with many strong talking


Mini Weatherization Toolkit, Week 3

October 19, 2015

We are just a few days away from #WXDayOct30! Here's to the 3rd week of #EnergyAwarenessMonth! Make sure you're using and following the hashtags #EnergyActionMonth, #Weatherization, and #EnergyAwarenessMonth in addition to #WXDayOct30 to stay up to date on what your peers are saying, and be part of a larger social media buzz! The importance of Weatherization Day cannot be over emphasized!


The Human Face of Weatherization

October 16, 2015

By Katrina Metzler, Energy Policy Advisor, NASCSP Last month, Oakridge National Research Laboratory (ORNL) released the long-awaited results of two comprehensive national evaluations, which concluded that the Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) is not only cost-effective for taxpayers, but provides tremendous health benefits to participants. ORNL is the largest U.S. Department of Energy


Mini Weatherization Toolkit, Week 2

October 12, 2015

Welcome to the second week of Weatherization Month 2015! We’re excited to bring you the second of the mini Weatherization Month toolkits to continue the online buzz around the WAP and set the stage for #WXDayOct30! We hope that you have had an awesome first week. The good news of weatherization has been all over social media and we have you all to thank for that. Remember, there is no such

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