WAP Program Analyst – NASCSP

Posted 1 month ago

Position Description

The Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) Program Analyst provides research and program support to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Bipartisan Infrastructure Legislation (BIL) Training and Technical Assistance (T&TA) grant and other energy-related projects for NASCSP. The Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) Program Analyst responsibilities include data analysis and visual graphic creation, research, communications, and network and partner engagement in support of conferences, webinars, trainings, newsletters, reports, and publications about the WAP and DOE grant deliverables.

This position can be fully remote or serve as a hybrid position from our main DC office.

The primary responsibilities for this role include the following:

• Develop, deliver, and perform data analysis on complex annual funding and wage surveys to the WAP network.

• Analyze, collect, and disseminate the most useful WAP information and tools, specifically relating to WAP operations, workforce development, competitive grants, WAP funding, and recent or current DOE WAP initiatives.

• Design interactive graphics and national WAP Wage Map using data visualization software tools.

• Facilitate or conduct virtual and in-person meetings and training.

• Communicate the success of the WAP program and develop BIL and competitive grants success
stories and best practices.

Review new DOE guidance, including Weatherization Program Notices (WPN) and WAP Memos; inform the network on required changes and recommended implementation strategies.

Please see the full position description for more information.  For best consideration, please apply by January 28, 2024. Click here to view the full posting.

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