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This series covers interdisciplinary 0801/1301 General Engineer/Physical Scientist positions which are managing, supervising, leading, and/or performing professional engineering work or work in the physical sciences and may include work in a combination of physical science fields.

As an interdisciplinary General Engineer/Physical Scientist, at minimum you will perform one or more of the following:
  • Use sound technical judgment and initiative to resolve the challenges of changing conditions and other problems relative to the assigned projects and programs.
  • Use physics or mechanical, nuclear, electrical, chemical, civil, or industrial engineering theories, principles, and practices.
  • Analyze situations, identify problems, probe causes, and recommends courses of action or solutions.
  • Work closely with a team, perform assessments, clearly and concisely document assessment results, and present findings orally and in writing to the approval authority.
  • Coordinate with related engineering and physical science fields adequate to effectively discuss technical points and to recommend acceptable engineering solutions to problems.
  • Perform and interpret calculations, analyses, and computations for unknown factors or relationships primarily in the matters of factual nature of involving well understood mechanisms.
  • Provide scientific advice and guidance to officials, managers, scientists, and engineer.
  • Serve as an expert for a significant segment of a specific area in one or more of the following: advanced scientific computing research; basic energy sciences; biological and environmental research; fusion energy sciences; high energy physics; nuclear physics; and workforce development.
  • Provide technical guidance on proposed research projects and programs of interest.
  • Coordinate, implement, and evaluate segments of research programs in the assigned area of responsibility.
  • Assemble essential information on topics of assigned segments of research through various source materials.

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