Housing Auditor/Inspector-Opportunities Industrialization Center (OIC) of Washington

Posted 9 months ago


Collect accurate and detailed information about the building in order to conduct the building pre-audit and complete audit;

Test the building using technical tools such as blower door, combustion safety equipment, infrared camera and other analytical skills and methodology;

Collect information on appliances, energy base-loads, building measurements, health and safety data, mechanical ventilation data, electrical and plumbing systems, building insulation (attic, walls and foundation), windows, doors and roof;

Evaluate the collected data from the testing and from the physical examination of the building components, mechanical systems, structure, physical condition and Environmental influences. This includes proficiency in entering empirical data into modeling software and interpreting the results;

Prepare a formal scope of work from the evaluation followed by an estimate of cost based on agency pricing;

Perform in-progress inspections with a final, formal inspection process similar to the audit process requiring excellent understanding of Program Specifications and Policies and Procedures;

Work closely with the Housing Program Manager and the Housing Project Supervisor during the process on technical, client files and fiscal issues;

Prepare reports as requested and participate with monitoring processes by regulatory agencies and grantors;

Other duties as assigned.

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