Deputy Director for the State Energy Program (SEP), Department of Energy (DOE) – (Washington, DC)

Posted 4 months ago

The Deputy Director oversees programs that are developed in partnership with state energy offices. Under SEP, states are responsible for making decisions and implementing programs. SEP strategically engages the leadership of states in deploying clean energy technologies across the United States. SEP funding transforms the energy economy state by state, establishing and implementing clean energy policies, plans, and programs to reduce energy costs, enhance economic competitiveness, improve emergency planning, and improve the environment.

Key Programs under SEP

  • SEP annual funds, allocated to 50 states, District of Columbia and 5 U.S. Territories to support a broad set of transformational state programs and initiatives to advance energy efficiency and clean energy technologies across the country.
  • SEP BIL to greatly increase the scope and number of state programs and initiatives to advance clean energy transformation across the U.S.
  • SEP Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) to capitalize state revolving loan funds to provide loans and grants for commercial and residential energy audits, energy efficiency upgrades and retrofits.

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