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Words from our President

January 7, 2012

by Steve Payne, NASCSP Board President Colleges and universities have done it for years. So have auto mechanics and insurance agents. Now even nail salons do it. Do what? Get accredited, licensed, or otherwise stamped as approved. And now we’re all going to do it as well. The President’s 2013 budget due for release on February 13th will almost certainly once again recommend reducing CSBG by


Words from our President: Steve's Photography Tips

December 20, 2011

As a photographer, I look forward to the holidays with great anticipation. Not only is the seasonal revelry abundant with opportunities to capture great images, but it’s also a perfect time to look back over my albums from the past year and savor all those great moments captured on film. In our work on income and energy security, I also look forward to the holidays. There’s plenty to


Words from our President: Painting a Pathway to Opportunity

November 16, 2011

By Steve Payne The White House recently released Creating Pathways to Opportunity, a report that outlines what “Pathways Back to Work” (job creation and training in new industries) the Administration has done to help create opportunity for all Americans. It highlights the impact of Recovery Act funding in preventing further economic turmoil by keeping more than six million Americans out


Words from our President: Zen and the Art of Partnership

October 4, 2011

I’ve just returned to the State office after hosting NASCSP’s latest annual Fall Conference here in Washington State in (sunny!) Seattle - home of all things green, crunchy, and caffeinated. We took in so much so fast, that now I need a little Zen to recover. We learned innovative ways to foster creativity in our organizations and communities (think artistic community commons for art and


Words from our President: NASCSP’s True Colors

September 1, 2011

A recent episode of The Colbert Report poked fun at gas company, Talisman Energy’s latest public relations efforts to “greenwash,” as Stephen Colbert put it, hydraulic fracturing (fracking). In the wake of widespread public concern over the possible environmental impacts of fracking, Talisman released a coloring book for kids that illustrates the benefits of this controversial practice. The

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