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The State of Poverty
The State of Poverty
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Instruction Manuals
CSBG Annual Report Instruction Manuals

The CSBG Annual Report instruction manuals were created with significant input from the CSBG national partners (NASCSP, CAP, NCAF, and CAPLAW), the DATA Taskforce, OCS, and feedback from NASCSP trainings in over 35 states across the country. We thank all these groups for taking the time to provide feedback and edits on the manual to make it better and a more useful tool for the network. 

Submit a Question or Suggested Edit
The instruction manuals will be living documents that will periodically be edited for clarity to reflect questions received from the network. If you have a question or suggested edits for the instruction manuals, you can submit it here.

CSBG Annual Report Instruction Manual Webinar
This webinar highlighted important sections of the instruction manuals and provided an opportunity to learn how to navigate the documents and locate information. You have view it here

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